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Prairie Dog

The white-tailed prairie dog, lives in the western mountains. These rodents do not gather in large towns but maintain more scattered burrows. All species hunker down in winter and burn the reserves of fat they have stored during more plentiful seasons. White-tails may hibernate for up to six months on their mountain plains, while their black-tailed cousins sometimes emerge to feed on especially warm days.

Much of the Great Plains has been converted to farming or pastureland, and prairie dogs are not often welcome in such places. Because of their destructive landscaping, they are often killed as pests.


Coyotes have a good sense of smell, vision and hearing which, coupled with evasiveness, enables them to survive both in the wild and occasionally in the suburban areas of large cities. They are common in most rural areas, but because of their secretive nature, few are seen. Efforts to control or exterminate the Coyote by predator control agents seem to have produced an animal that is extremely alert and wary and well able to maintain itself.


Prairie Dog &

Coyote Hunts

Rolling Plains Adventures:

Enjoy free coyote hunting in south central North Dakota with the purchase of any pheasant hunt for $200/day. *Discounts for larger groups.


Antler Adventures:

Bring plenty of ammunition and guns! Our average hunter shoots 500 to 1500 rounds a day! Packages start at $200.


Garnos Ranch Hunts:

Are you looking for the full package? look no further! shoot 200 to 500 rounds per day for $475 per day includes lodging, hunting, meals, shooting benches, taxes and you receive one free night lodging.


J Buck Hunts:

Calling all Coyotes!! If you want to experience a great coyote hunt, look no further! $350 day per person, includes lodging, meals, transportation to and from field.


Prairie Dog Lodge:

Great coyote hunting starting at $300 per day per person. Best hunting in December through February! Call for availability!


Prairie Dog Lodge:

Shoot 300 to 700 rounds per day!! Prices range from $200 to $350 per day! Check out our different packages! Best hunting in May through September.


J Buck Hunts:

Hunt the south central part of South Dakota!! If Exploding Prairie Dogs is what you want? then that's what you'll get! Book early, dates are filling up fast!


Blackpipe Creek Ranch:

Hunt the south western part of South Dakota. $250 per person per day includes lodging, bring plenty of guns and ammo!

Frying Pan Ranch Bunk House:

Shoot 200 to 400 rounds per day! Bring more than one gun! $250 day includes lodging, benches, sand bags, semi guided prairie dog hunt on 1,000 acres of dogs. License fee is $37 and non shooting guests are $50 day. Call for details.


Cheyenne River Ranch:

$150 per person gives you access to shoot prairie dogs on a variety of towns within the 23,000 acres.  Guiding, lodging, meals, and transportation can be arranged.


Medicine Creek Ranch:

$250 per day per person, Medicine Creek Ranch has a variety of prairie dog towns on which to shoot.


Deep Creek Outfitters Palmer Ranch:

$250 per person per day includes semi-guided hunting, meals, and lodging.


Smeenk Ranch:

$200 per person per day includes semi-guided hunting on private land and lodging.

4 Seasons Hunting Adventures

$350 for some great prairie dog shooting which includes guiding with sand bags and benches, lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the field.  Coyote hunting is $250 per person per day with guiding, lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the field.

Williams Ranch:

$250 per person per day includes semi-guided hunting on private land and lodging.

Hunt 1,000 acres in South Central Badland Region of South Dakota.

Consisting of 3 different prairie dog towns you will get plenty of shooting. Hunts are $250 day per person & includes lodging, benches and bags.

Castle Butte Lodge

Unguided coyote hunting on 12,000 private acres, $125 per person per day includes lodging.



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